United Nigeria plane crash-lands at Lagos airport

Passengers on board United Nigeria have expressed appreciation to God for their survival after the jet crashed-landed at Lagos International Airport.

According to sources, the plane reportedly crashed-landed on Wednesday, May 31st, at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) in Ikeja, Lagos State.

The jet was alleged to have taken off from Ebonyi State before one of its tires failed to land at the airport, leading it to crash-land.

After being rescued, passengers onboard were spotted holding their bags and luggage.

According to one of the passengers who spoke to the TV crew, the plane began shaking when one of the tires failed halfway to land, and the pilot had no alternative but to land in the jungle for everyone’s safety.

“The plane started shaking as soon as the tyre removed,” he says. The pilots managed to land the plane in the bush. The plane almost caught fire during the emergency landing.”

Some people have reacted to the incident on social media. While some thanked God for the passengers’ lives, others condemned the authorities.

“I said I will never enter this plane again in my life.. this almost happened 2 months ago,” @Nurchur_service said. “United Nigeria” is a stupid airline and a catastrophe waiting to happen. Do not board this plane again.”

@Geeneafoods said, “Thank you Jehovah God for mercies.”

@Ksolo_hitz: “See the cargo we use for local flights.” “Thank you, God, for a safe landing.”

“This is a reminder of the critical importance of thorough maintenance and regular checks to ensure passenger safety,” said @Sir_eltee. To minimize such mishaps, airlines and manufacturers must prioritize routine maintenance.”

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