Tinubu Inauguration: Event Kicks Off Fully After The Arrival Of President

The event of the Inauguration of the President of Nigeria,currently taking place ata Eagles’ Square, Abuja today 29th May 2023, has finally kicked off after the arrival of the current President, Muhammadu Buhari at 10:08 AM.

His arrival was announced by the sounds of sirens as his convoy arrived the scene. He arrrived with his black Presidential motorcade.

The President is dressed in white Agbada along with the Vice President and the President-elect. Is this supposed to represent something or is it just a coincidence.

Immediately he arrived, he was ushered to the saluting podium by the bagpipers, where the Military presented arms to him by the National salute. The National Anthem was played as the National salute was being presented. This is significant because this was his last salute as the President 0f the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The next event on the itineray was the opening prayers, which was lead by the Imam of the central mosque of Abuja, Dr Mohammed Kadiri, after which Bishop Adegbite led prayers to Jesus Christ.

After that, Olukayode Ariwola, the Chief Justice of Nigeria was called upon to administer the Oath of Office which is the most significant aspect of today.

He will begin with administering the oath to the vice presedent elect, Kashim Shettima and his wife Nana. After which the President elect will take the Oath.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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