Three forty-foot containers collapse in Lagos

On Friday, three 40-foot containers collapsed in various parts of Lagos State. The occurrences took place in Ojuelegba, Mile 12, and Ikeja Underbridge neighborhoods.

A 40-foot container fell from a trailer on Ojuelegba bridge inside the stadium on Friday morning at around 6:55 am, according to the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority. The agency reported that because the event stopped the whole main carriageway, traffic on the bridge was redirected.

The entire main carriageway is currently blocked after a 40-foot container fell off a trailer on the Ojuelegba bridge inside the stadium. A detour is currently being made via the service lanes on Ojuelegba.

Personnel from the Nigerian Police Force have already arrived on the scene during the evacuation procedure.

The second incident took place in Ikeja Underbridge, close to the General Hospital.

The cargo dropped about 7 a.m., according to LASTMA, and had to be unloaded before recovery could begin.

A truck carrying 40-foot containers fell at General Hospital under the Ikeja Bridge. Before recuperation can be completed, it needs to be offloaded. Fully staffed personnel are in charge of regulating traffic appropriately.

Another container fell near Mile 12 of the Ikorodu expressway, the traffic management authority tweeted on Friday afternoon, adding that there is now no access to the service lane.

LASTMA also stated that authorities were already on the scene and that recovery attempts were still ongoing. Additionally, it mentioned that no recorded casualties existed.

“A fallen 40ft container at Demurin junction inwards Ile Ile/Mile 12, there is no access through the service lane presently.

“Effort is on for recovery while our officers are on scene managing the situation effectively. No casualties recorded.”


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