A new attack by terrorists on the Langson hamlet in Kaduna State’s Zango Kataf Local Government Area reportedly resulted in the deaths of 10 people, some of whom are still missing, and the injury of four more.

Only three days had passed after an attack in the same Local Government Area claimed the lives of 17 people at Ungwan Wakili.

The tragedy was reported to The PUNCH by Mr. Sam Achie, President of the Atyap Community Development Association. He stated that 10 victims had been found, while others were still missing.

The president of ACDA alleged military involvement in the local killings.

He claims that the nearby military checkpoints are doing nothing to safeguard them.

He claimed that the military failed to stop some young people from other villages who wanted to come and help during the attack on the community, which occurred at three military checkpoints.

He bemoaned that the military had refused the youths entry till the assailants had completed their operations.

As they are deployed, the military is really not safeguarding us. We are requesting that the relevant authority withdraw the troops from the area.

“The bloodshed in the Atyap towns was a purposeful attempt to prevent the populace from casting a vote for the leader of their choice in the upcoming election on Saturday.

He added that “the government’s silence over the attacks speak volume” and that “there are continuous plans to disenfranchise our people from taking part in the Saturday election.”

The ACDA national president praised the Mopol in the Langson neighborhood who are reported to have repulsed the intruders while urging the populace to keep vigilant in order to defend their homes and towns from oppressors who are determined to take their ancestral lands.

While confirming the attack, Mr. Francis Sani, the council chairman of Zango Kataf Local Government, urged the government to send more security agencies to the area to stop the frequent attacks on innocent people and their property.

The attackers broke into the community on Tuesday at around 9 p.m., opened fire sporadically, and looted a store before being driven out by the Mopol.

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