South Africa’s Johannesburg, the largest city in the country, endured snowfall on Monday.

According to South African Weather Service( SAWS), Johannesburg temperatures dropped to minus 3 degrees Celsius making it the third snowfall in the history of the city, first in 1996 also in 2012.

SAWS in a statement said “ a cold front caused a significant drop in temperatures over Gauteng Province.

“ The minimal temperatures recorded have met criteria for snowy conditions. The snow was also endured in Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Northern Cape provinces.

The SAWS advised the public and small stock growers that the terrible cold, wet and windy conditions may pose a threat to live stocks, vulnerable crops and plants.

Gauteng Metrorail said the snow affected infrastructure and its components, which include tracks, cross-over points and electrical lines.

It said it forced operation to suspend some trains, adding that the overhead cables endured pressure which resulted in power instability and failure.

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