Sina Rambo Apparently Reconciled With his wife, After Messy Marital News in Nigeria-Entertainment

Last year, the couple made headlines when Korth declared that the marriage was finished because her spouse had repeatedly abused her emotionally. She added that he and his sister had previously assaulted her physically.

She justified her claims by accusing her husband and his sister Folashade of domestic assault on Monday, December 12, 2022, via her Instagram stories.

She provided evidence for her accusations through the sharing of recordings, chats, and images, stating that the marriage was ended because she would not put up with any violence.

Korth posted a video of a broken door and blamed the siblings for both the broken door and the injuries to her wrist.

Several Nigerians voiced their perspectives on the event as it unfolded in front of the nation. The couple does seem to be back together, though, despite the drama and the criticism from the public.

On her Instagram page, Korth’s mother recently shared a video of her daughter and Sina having fun on a family outing with their daughter.

Several social media users and fans who had spoken and taken sides when the controversy was at its worst were shocked to learn this. Fans claim that the settlement serves as a reminder to respect couples’ privacy and to let them work out their differences without undue interference.

In October 2021, Sina and Korth exchanged vows in a low-key wedding. Together, they have one child.

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