Serious Relationships Aren't For Broke People, Deyemi Okanlawon news in Nigeria-entertainment

Deyemi Okanlawon, a well-known Nollywood actor, has counseled both sexes to avoid entering into committed relationships if they are not financially secure.

In an open letter posted to his Twitter profile, he gave the piece of advice and asked followers to put more emphasis on themselves in place of relationships if they lack financial security.

“If you’re not yet financially buoyant, perhaps it is wise to take a break from “serious” relationship and focus on building yourself… this message from the federal association of common sense is for men & women #openletter #butwhatdoiknow,” he wrote.

According to Okanlawon, people can date or even participate in romance at any point in their lives, but they should be cautious before getting into more serious commitments.

The award-winning actor stated, “Everyone should feel free to love and date anyone at any time/stage of their lives if they so choose… but perhaps for more serious (intentional, committed) relationships you may want to approach things slightly different?”

The actor is becoming popular for his open letters, which he posts on Twitter and Instagram and for which he occasionally receives criticism.

The actor recently questioned Thaddeus’ plans for the residents of Eti-Osa in an open letter he penned to him.

The open letter drew a lot of criticism, with many people accusing the actor of being patronizing and insensitive. Some accused him of being upset because a famous person lost.

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