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On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law establishing a special fund to aid Ukrainian servicemen and their families.

Throughout its military operation that began in February 2022, when its military suffered several setbacks, Russia hardly ever provides any figures for its losses.

On the official government website, the decree in support of the “Defenders of the Fatherland” was posted.

According to the directive, the actions “are intended to ensure a dignified existence” for the spouses and children of the Ukrainian assault soldiers as well as for the soldiers themselves.

Putin had made the announcement of the support package on February 21 before the Federal Assembly, about a year after he had dispatched his soldiers to Ukraine.

Then Putin added, “It is our responsibility to support the families who have lost a loved one and to assist them in raising their children and providing for their education and employment.”

He stated in February that the fund should “provide targeted, individualized help to the families of slain combatants, as well as veterans of the special military operation.”

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