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Malam Farouk Salim, the director general of the Standards Organization of Nigeria, has warned Nigerians against purchasing uncertified goods that could risk their lives.

On Thursday in Enugu, during SON’s Special Day at the 34th Enugu International Trade Fair, Salim issued the warning.

Before making a purchase, he recommended Nigerians confirm that any items bore the Required Conformity Assessment Program insignia.

He claims that MANCAP denotes that the product has undergone inspection, sampling, and laboratory testing. He further claims that the logo only applies to locally produced goods, while the Off-Shore Conformity Assessment Program of the Standards Organization of Nigeria does so for imported goods.

“With it, the quality of any product is assured and guaranteed,” he stated.

Salim stated that the trade show gave SON the chance to speak with Nigerian and international manufacturers about the organization’s role in ensuring standards. Salim was represented by the Director, South-East Regional Operations Directorate, SON, Engr. Fred Akingbesote.

He told Nigerians that the group was ready to play a significant role in helping business owners achieve their goals.

The Director General stated that the growth and development of the nation’s industry are greatly influenced by Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Businesses.

He stated, “We will keep encouraging and creating enabling environments for the sector to be part of the standardization process to ensure that products emanating from them meet global standards.

“Our target is to grow their businesses by offering them our services to ensure standardization of the processes and products they bring into the market,” he said.

Salim suggested that if manufacturers are instructed on how to produce goods of a certain grade and standard but still fail to do so, SON may be required to penalize the manufacturers’ businesses.

He said that this standard covers, among other things, services for standard testing, port, and border import security, technical advice and training, metrology and instrumentation, and product certification.

Jasper Nduagwuike, the president of the Enugu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mines, and Agriculture, praised the organization’s efforts to raise product standards earlier in his welcome speech.

Nduagwuike stated that despite these norms, much work still needs to be done to achieve a high level of product standardization for both domestic and imported goods, in the person of First Deputy President of ECCIMA, Odega Jideonwu.

He praised SON’s management and employees for always attending the Enugu International Trade Fairs.

“We are appreciative of your relationship with us over the years and the fact that you recognize the critical role you play in ensuring that items made locally meet worldwide standards.

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