Property worth N23.3 billion destroyed by fire in three months.

The Federal Fire Service stated that, between October and December 2022, fire outbreaks in the nation caused the loss of property worth more than N23.3 billion.

This information may be found in a statistics report that Mr. Abraham Paul, the FFS Public Relations Officer, provided to the News Agency of Nigeria on Monday in Abuja.

According to the data, there were 649 fire outbreaks throughout the study period but properties worth roughly N145.4 billion were preserved.

It stated that throughout the time period, 28 lives were lost in fire events while 40 others were saved.

The assessment listed the affected facilities as 230 private and 111 public buildings, 11 educational institutions, 61 stores, 19 factories, 9 clubs, hotels, and restaurants.

Also, during the time period under study, 56 gas stations, 21 oil and gas facilities, two timber sheds, 63 cars, 17 markets, and 49 other structures were all destroyed by fire.

According to the report, 122 fire events were caused by electrical equipment and high voltage, while 16 were brought on by the improper storage of petroleum products.

The research states that cigarette stubs and bushfires caused 32 of the fire occurrences, electrical sparks caused 185, gas caused 37, and accidents, arson, and vehicular incidents caused 104.

According to the statistics, 88 fire occurrences had unidentified origins, and seven included building collapses, the study indicated that 17 of the fire events were being looked into.

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