Philippine Ferry Destroyed By Fire, killing At Least News In Nigeria-foreign news

Authorities in the southern Philippines reported on Thursday that 230 people were rescued when a boat caught fire, killing at least 12.

Late on Wednesday, a fire broke out on board the Lady Mary Joy 3 as it was sailing from Zamboanga City on the island of Mindanao to Jolo Island in the province of Sulu, leading people to jump overboard.

As the ferry caught fire off Baluk-Baluk Island in Basilan province, rescuers—including members of the Philippine Coast Guard and fishermen—were able to save 35 crew members and 195 passengers.

Seven individuals remained missing, while 14 people were hurt.

The number of passengers that board the ship was higher than the 205 passengers stated in the ship’s manifest, according to Basilan Governor Jim Salliman, therefore there may be more individuals still missing.

“Twelve cadavers have been retrieved…three of them are children, including a six-month-old baby,” Salliman stated.

How the fire originated was unclear.

The injured underwent burn treatment in Zamboanga and Basilan before the survivors were transported there, according to Salliman.

The coast guard published images of one of its boats splashing water on the flaming ship as its employees in smaller boats rescued passengers from the ominous waters.

The Philippines, an archipelago of more than 7,000 islands, suffers from subpar maritime transportation, with its poorly managed boats susceptible to congestion and mishaps.

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