The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) on Thursday issued a warning to the Federal Government against the victimization of Nigerians who took part in the #EndSARS protests, including the freezing of their bank accounts.

Rev. Felix Omobude, The National President of PFN, Made this known in a statement titled, ‘Stop the harassment of promoters of #EndSARS.’

Omobude, said, “The PFN the reports of harassment of the #EndSARS promoters. Is disturbing,  We disagree with the freezing of bank accounts of people linked with the protests. While the PFN recognizes the right of the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN)  to oversight functions on the movement of funds within the banking system, it is important that they do not go overboard or create an impression that they are acting in furtherance of a different agenda.

“The PFN calls on the Federal Government to be sincere in its approach to the crisis and adopt a more conciliatory style rather than confrontation in dealing with the promoters of the #EndSARS protests. the PFN will not support any act of criminality, it is of the view that given the range of issues thrown up by the protests, what is required in its resolution is more of strategy  and wisdom.”

The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria called for calm and peace to allow the government to pursue the process of rebuilding trust, restoring confidence, and executing the promises made.

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