36th out of 145 countries for military strength is Nigeria.

The Nigerian Army was ranked 36th out of 145 countries examined in the military rating by the research group Global Fire Power in 2023. In 2022, the Nigerian Army was ranked 35th out of 142 countries considered for the annual ranking.

Nigeria lost one spot to 36th out of 145 countries in the most recent military list, but the Military Headquarters in Abuja has not responded.

The military of the United States of America is ranked first in the world, followed by those of Russia and China, which are ranked second and third, respectively. India, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Pakistan, Japan, France, and Italy are ranked sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth in the global ranking, respectively.

As Egypt was rated first in Africa and fourteenth overall, Algeria came in second in Africa and twenty-sixth overall, South Africa came in third in Africa and thirty-three overall, and Nigeria fell from third to fourth on a continent-wide basis.

World Fire Power states that it “ranks the world’s countries according to their existing firepower. The Power Index (‘PwrIndx’) score for each country is calculated using over 60 different parameters, with categories ranging from the number of military units and financial conditions to logistical capabilities and location. The results are summarized in the final World Firepower ranking below.

Nigeria is ranked 36 out of 145 nations taken into account for the annual GFP assessment in 2023. The PwrIndx* score for the country is 0.5587.

The Director of Defence Information, Brig. Gen. Tukur Gusau, reportedly declined to comment on the rating when asked if it accurately represented the strength of the Nigerian military.

However, Timothy Avele, a security specialist, was quoted as saying that the rating could have fallen due to the Nigerian Air Force’s unintentional bombing and a lack of knowledge about the most recent hardware.

There are other causes that could be to blame for the lower rating, according to a remark from Avele. Lack of government knowledge about the most recent military technology is one of the major contributing reasons. I thought the mishap with the Air Force might have also played a role. The true military might of a country is not, however, represented by this rating.

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