New Tenants In Abuja Flee With Neighbour’s Children

Residents of Bako, Kwali Area Council, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, are still coming to terms with the disappearance of two siblings on Wednesday.

According to reports, two females who recently got an apartment in the vicinity escaped with their neighbor’s children, a five-year-old girl and a two-year-old boy.

The town is now in disarray as the anguished parents of the children make frantic efforts to track down the fleeing ladies and reclaim their children.

As of the time this report was published on Thursday, no favorable results had been obtained.

Our correspondent learned that the trouble began when two-year-old Marwan began weeping as his mother was praying.

Reports claims that one of the new tenants, named as Godiya, offered to carry the child under the guise that she did not want Marwan to disrupt his mother from her prayers.

When the boy’s wail persisted, Godiya took him and his older sister, Hauwa, with her, claiming she needed to buy biscuits for the kids. She never came back.

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It discovered that when the mother concluded her prayers, she patiently waited for the renter and the children to return, but to no avail.

The woman yelled out when it became evident that the waiting game was growing interminable.

She and her neighbors looked everywhere, but the children and their new neighbor were nowhere to be found.

The mother received the shock of her life when irate neighbors decided to break into the new renters’ room and found it empty, implying that the two new tenants planned the abduction and took their few belongings before escaping with the children.

Dauda Saliu, the father of the missing children, told Reporters that the ladies moved into a one-room apartment in the vicinity only two weeks ago.

Saliu stated that Godiya had been providing gifts to his children since the ladies arrived, and he had not been happy with the arrangement, but he could not stop it due to the nature of his employment, which required him to be away from home for the most of the time.

“I was not at home when the incident occurred,” the distressed parent explained. It happened yesterday (Wednesday) approximately 6 p.m. While their mother was praying and the youngest child was wailing, one of the ladies took them with her under the pretence that she needed to buy biscuits for them. Others in the neighborhood saw my kids with one of them but didn’t think anything because she was often playing with them.

“When they didn’t return after a while, my wife called on the ladies and knocked on their door, but there was no response.” She summoned other neighbors, who broke down their door only to find that their chamber was vacant.

“I was aware that one of them was frequently purchasing biscuits and drinks for my children, and I was never comfortable with the idea.” I work as a security guard, and because the nature of my job requires me to be away from home on a regular basis, my warnings were ineffective. This would not have happened if they had listened to my advice.

“The ladies are new; we only know one of their names, Godiya, who introduced herself.” This has been a horrible experience for me.”

Saliu was also disappointed that his efforts to obtain the women’ contact information from the landlord had failed.

“When the incident occurred, we contacted the landlord to see if we could locate them, but he did not have their contact information.” He informed us that they had yet to complete the necessary paperwork. “We’re currently at the Bako Police Station reporting the incident,” he continued.

When contacted, SP Josephine Adeh, spokesperson for the FCT Police Command, stated that she had not been briefed on the situation.


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