Netherland: 3o Injured, one dead in train News in Nigeria-Foreign News

Emergency services reported that at least 30 individuals were hurt when a passenger train derailed on Tuesday in the southern Netherlands.

Between The Hague and Amsterdam, the train was traveling on a line when it struck some construction machinery and derailed, according to the report.

“At least 30 people were injured and are being treated on the spot. The seriously injured are being taken to hospital, while 11 are at homes of nearby residents,” Hollands Midden emergency services said.

“Specialists are working to secure the train.”

Around 3:30 am (0130 GMT), a double-decker intercity train collided with construction equipment on the rails at Voorschoten, which is located about eight kilometers (five miles) north of The Hague.

A front carriage derailed and plowed into a field, while a second derailed carriage fell on its side.

According to our correspondent, a third wagon managed to stay upright while a fourth caught fire. There were about 60 passengers on board when the disaster occurred.

To transport the most badly injured passengers to the hospital, a trauma helicopter and other ambulance services flocked to the area. It was unclear how severe their wounds were at first.

“We heard a loud bang and suddenly the lights went out,” an unidentified witness told the local Omroep West television news.

“We couldn’t initially get out of the train because there was no electricity,” said the man, who appeared in a state of shock.

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