LASU reopens gates closed by protesting students

The administration of Lagos State University, Ojo, has reopened the institution’s gates after protesting students had closed them.

The LASU student union executive took their fellow members to the Iyana-Oba and Ojo entrances of the building early on Monday and closed them in protest against the troops’ assaults on them on February 25, 2023, when voting for president.

Nonetheless, the gates had been reopened and everything was back to normal as of the time of publication.

The reason behind the protest was explained to our correspondent by a student who only went by the name Dunsin. She said, “On the day of the presidential election, some soldiers beat up our Student Union Government President because the SUG prevented community members from entering the campus to vote early enough. In order to ensure the security of LASU’s faculty, staff, and students, the SUG took the initiative.

She stated that the SUG allegedly demanded a vote from the students before allowing community people access to the school.

“However, when the community members eventually entered, they came in with soldiers and beat up our executives and some students. It was announced last Monday (February 27) that there would be a protest today. So, that was the reason the gates were shut for some hours and protests held too against maltreatment, assault on students by soldiers,” she said.

The campus has resumed being tranquil, according to Mr. Olaniyi Jeariogbe, the institution’s public relations officer.

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