Justin Bieber's Response To Tem's Massive Hit Song "Ice T."

Grammy-winning musician Justin Bieber responded to the timeless song by well-known Nigerian artist Tems on his social media channels.

Celebrities and not just fans can’t get enough of Tems, a grammy-winning singer, songwriter, and performer. Justin Bieber used his social media platform to broadcast a video of him enjoying the hit song “Ice T” by the Nigerian musician.

Following his struggle with Ramsey Hunt Syndrome, which resulted in the partial paralysis of his face, Justin Bieber has been on and off social media. J.B. is one of the many well-known international stars who simply cannot get enough of Tems’ abilities.

Tems recently made headlines for her attire at the 95th Academy Awards, which drew criticism and responses from high-profile figures like DJ Tunez, Rihanna, and Tems herself.

Justin Bieber vibing to Tems’ “Ice T”.

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