China requests negotiations to end the conflict in Ukraine

The protracted and escalating nature of the crisis in Ukraine, which has been going on for a year, has prompted China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gang to call for the immediate resumption of peace negotiations.

According to Qin, the process of peace negotiations should start as soon as possible, and all sides’ legitimate security concerns should be taken into consideration.

He called the Ukrainian crisis, which started on February 24, 2022, with a Russian invasion, “an eruption of the difficulties built up in the security governance of Europe.”

The foreign minister claimed that attempts to hold peace negotiations had consistently been thwarted.

“It appears that there is an invisible force working to prolong and escalate the conflict and use the Ukraine issue to further a particular geopolitical objective.

“A crucial turning point has been reached in the Ukraine situation. If additional fuel is put to the fire, the crisis will worsen and spin out of control, he said. “Either hostility ceases, peace is restored, and the process of political settlement begins.

China recently made an attempt to explain its perspective on the conflict in a so-called position paper, but the paper was widely regarded with dismay and skepticism.

According to experts, the report did not provide any fresh initiatives for a peace agreement.

According to Qin, China did not give Russia any weaponry during the conflict and neither did Beijing start it or participate in it.

“Why on earth should China be held accountable for threats and sanctions?

“This is completely unacceptable,” he said in response to information cited by Washington last month that suggested Beijing could offer “lethal support” to Moscow, a claim Beijing had previously rejected. He also responded to warnings from the United States and Europe to China not to send weapons to Russia.

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