Canada offers free contraceptives

At a time when women’s rights are being attacked in the neighboring United States, the Canadian state of British Columbia announced on Tuesday that it will make prescription contraceptives free for everyone. This is a first for the nation.

As on April 1, all individuals with health insurance will be able to obtain contraceptives without a prescription for free, according to the province’s finance minister, Katrine Conroy.
“Having complete control over your reproductive rights is at the top of the list of necessities. These fundamental rights are being violated much too frequently, she told the provincial legislature.

Not in British Columbia, she said.

“The days of passing down these costs to women and trans and non-binary people are coming to an end.”

The majority of hormonal tablets, implants, injections, and intrauterine devices, such as the IUD, and morning-after pills are among the contraceptive options that will be covered.

“This is a win for health and it’s a win for gender equity in our province,” Conroy said.

According to British Columbia’s government, the new regulations could result in lifetime savings of up to Can$10,000 for those who require birth control tablets, which cost Can$25 ($18) each month.

Following numerous European nations, such as France, Britain, and Germany, which already partially or universally subsidize contraception, the western province follows their example.

American Supreme Court abolished women’s right to abortion, and Canada took action to defend reproductive rights.

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