Simon Ekpa

The Biafran separatist leader Simon Ekpa, was arrested today a few days after threatening to circumvent Nigeria’s general election.

Finnish daily, Helsingin Sanoma reported that Ekpa was taken into custody by police officers who were plainclothed just a while before he was scheduled to be interviewed by a filmmaker at his residence in southern Finland.

The detention occurs as Mr. Ekpa stepped up his efforts to thwart the February 25 presidential elections in Nigeria.

Additionally, the Nigerian government had pleaded with Finland to step in and stop Mr. Ekpa’s inciting broadcasts from the protection of Europe. Uncertainty existed as to whether the police responded to Nigeria’s request or to the widespread call for the separatist agitator’s arrest made by people of Igbo descent, particularly by those who supported Peter Obi, an Igbo politician with a growing following and a better chance of winning the presidency this cycle.

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