All Passengers On Board Missing Titanic Submersible Confirmed Dead

All passengers are believed to be dead after an intense dayslong hunt for a submersible carrying five people that disappeared while on an expedition of the Titanic wreckage off the seacoast of Newfoundland, Canada.


The 21- bottom deep- ocean vessel, operated by OceanGate peregrinations, lost contact about an hour and 45 minutes after submersing on Sunday morning with a 96- hour oxygen force. That volume of breathable air was predicted to run out on Thursday morning, according to the United States Coast Guard, which was overseeing the multi-national search and rescue efforts.


Famed Hollywood director and Titanic experimenter James Cameron said he believes the carbon- fiber compound construction of the submersible’s housing was the” critical failure” that led to its collapse during a deep- ocean stint of the Titanic wreckage.


” You do not use admixture for vessels that are seeing external pressure. They are great for internal pressure vessels like scuba tanks, for example, but they are terrible for external pressure,” Cameron, who famously directed the Oscar- winning film” Titanic,” told reporters’ in an interview on Friday Morning”


” This was trying to apply aeronautics thinking to a deep- submergence engineering problem. We all said that it was, you know, an impaired idea and they did not go through certification,” he continued.” I suppose that was an immense failure. ”

The thing that is insidious then,” Cameron added, is the way these accoutrements ” fail at pressure.”

” They fail over time, each dive adds further and further bitsy damage,” he said.” So, yes, they operated the sub safely at Titanic last time and the time before, but it was only a matter of time before it caught up with them.”

OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush, who was among the five crew members killed on the submersible, had earlier defended the decision to manufacture the Titan with the material, saying he believed a sub made with carbon fiber would have a better strength- to- buoyancy rate than titanium.

Bob Ballard, the oceanographer and discoverer who discovered the Titanic wreckage in 1985, told reporters that he expects the inquiry into what happed” will go on for quite some time.”

” There will be now a methodical check. I have done this ahead,” he said during the interview Friday morning.” The( remotely operated vehicles) are going to do a very, very concise, methodical survey that will collect the photography and high- description imagery and they’ll also be recovering the objects.”

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